Hi! My name is Faizal Karim, and I was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I'm currently married with one kid (see scary looking boy/monster on the left) and am passionate about technology.

Growing up in Vancouver, I was lucky enough to play a lot of different sports including: hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball. I also had the privilege of coaching soccer in Vancouver for a number of years.

I play the guitar and am a huge rock fan. Some of my favorite bands include the Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Oasis, Of Monsters and Men and the Counting Crows. 

Involvement In Vancouver Tech Community

I'm a big a supporter of STEM in Vancouver. Below are a few ways that I've tried to give back to the Vancouver tech community:


During my time at Broadridge, a few of my colleagues and I ran semi-annual, interactive workshops for parents to guide them on how to support their daughters' education in STEM.


Coding bootcamps have grown in popularity since 2015, and have done a phenomenal job of getting the local Vancouver developer community qualified for the growing amount of tech and software engineering jobs that are available in the area. I have continued to show support for these bootcamps by partnering with them to provide workshops, mentoring and job opportunities for their students.


Since 2007, I have mentored several engineers, software developers and technologists alike. Many have gone on to do some pretty amazing things - in spite of my involvement :)


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