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Ph.D., Electrical Engineering - May 2014

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Investigation of the Role of Quantum Correlations in the Model-ing and Operation of Molecular Quantum-Dot Cellular Automa-ta Based Circuits

Supervisors: Konrad Walus & André Ivanov

M.A.Sc., Electrical Engineering - May 2007

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Clocking Electrode Design and Phase Analysis for Molecular Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Based Circuits

Supervisors: Konrad Walus & André Ivanov

B.Eng., Electrical Engineering - May 2005

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada




• Windows

• Mac OS X
• Linux

• MS Office, iWorks
• Adobe Suite
• MATLAB, Mathematica

• LaTex

Work Experience

VP, Software Engineering - 2020-2021


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver

  • Lead the department through management and mentorship

  • Contributed to recruitment activities

  • Developed standards and procedures to ensure that quality standards were met and consistent

  • Prepared and optimized budgets

  • Managed the P&L for the department

  • Recommended technological developments and improvements on efficiency

  • Developed the team to ensure quality end products

  • Met frequently with both current and prospective clients

Director, Software Engineering - 2018-2020


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver

  • Oversaw the development, release and maintenance of our products in accordance with the business need

  • Established policies and procedures that produced high-quality software and service

  • Held monthly department-wide meetings 

  • Provided technical consultation as well as expertise to Product Managers

  • Led hiring, career planning, training as well as performance reviews for software engineering team

  • Reviewed documents related to Product requirement and participate in product brainstorming sessions

  • Provided employee coaching, mentoring, development and team building

  • Was accountable to the analysis, design, development and support all products

Manager, Software Engineering - 2017-2018


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver

  • Managed a large team of developers and assigned daily tasks to each member

  • Analyzed and created project scope and milestones for several major corporate initiatives

  • Held weekly team meetings and monthly one-on-one meetings to ensure open communication and expectations

  • Actively sought to resolve any concerns while adhering to the company policy and standards of behaviour

  • Met with clients to discuss product enhancements and client-led initiatives

Sr. Software Engineer - 2017


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver

  • Performed coding assignments

  • Provided code reviews on Jr. developer's work for accuracy and functionality

  • Created and implemented design plans

  • Delegated tasks to team members

  • Kept up-to-date with industry trends and technology developments

Software Engineer - 2014-2017

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver

  • Designed, wrote, and tested major features in collaboration with team members

  • Maintained and enhanced existing applications

  • Analyzed and fixed defects, added features to software, and triaged production issues

  • Created design documents and documentation to ensure efficient maintenance and code reuse

Jr. Software Engineer - 2013-2014

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Vancouver


  • Wrote and maintained code

  • Worked on minor bug fixes

  • Monitored the technical performance of internal systems

  • Responded to requests from the development team

  • Gathered information from consumers about program functionality

  • Created documentation

  • Conducted development tests

  • Attended and contributed to company development meetings

Previous work experience

• C/C++
• x86 Assembly Language

• Javascript/jQuery

• Angular

• React

• VueJS

• Java

• CSS/LESS/Bootstrap

• Progress 4GL

• Python

• Visual Basic


Awards & Honours

Rick Donaldson Award (Broadridge)

$5000/year 2017

NSERC Engage Grant

$25,000/year 2013

NSERC CGS-D Scholarship $35,000/year 2008-2011

Faculty of Applied Science Graduate Award

$10,000/year 2008-2011

UBC Four Year Fellowship $18,000/year 2008-2011

UBC Ph.D. Tuition Waiver Scholarship

$4,000/year 2008-2011

Micronet R&D Scholarship $20,000/year  2007-2008

Ontario Graduate Scholarship $15,000/year 2005-2007

Award for Academic Excellence $500/year 2005

Rockwell Automation Award $250/year 2004

Ryerson In-Program Scholarship $2,000/year 2003-2005


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (Orcale)

Weatlh Management Essentials (Canadian Securities Institute)

Canadian Securities Course (Canadian Securities Institute)

2010 - present



Research Assistant - 2007-2013

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
The University of British Columbia

​Investigated techniques to improve existing numerical methods for computing the dynamics and ground state of QCA circuits by modeling the effects of higher-level correlation.

2010 - present

Research Assistant - 2005-2007


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
The University of British Columbia

Established the limitations on the applied potential and phase of clocking electrodes to ensure error-free operation of fundamental building blocks in a clocked molecular QCA circuit.

Undergraduate Research Assistant - 2003-2004

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,​

Ryerson University

Performed early validation of a potential wireless communica-tion system that employed radio-over-fiber techniques. Designed and built a small prototype to compare physical results  against numerical results.

Research Intern - 2003-2004


Marftec Inc.

Researched and developed an early prototype of a voice-operated telephone designed for individuals with low finger dex-terity.

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